New Partnership: Vladig & applewatchwall

God Of Cases is pleased to announce the partnership with Vladig. You can find his amazing Instagram page via this link: Vlad Is from Russia and he also owns the following Instagram page which is called applewatchwall: He is a fellow tech lover and regularly posts on his Instagram pages. Many of his posts consists of fantastic looking iPhone shots, the latest headphones, and the latest phone designs, as well as apple watches. 

Technology is a big part of modern life and our company always strives to look for the best individuals and groups to portray the significance of the tech industry and the latest accessories to complement the industry. Vladig is going to be our latest partner in trying to promote our company message: To protect every device and provide the most elegant designs. We want to capture the imagination of our customers and Vladig recognizes the importance of this message. This merger will further strengthen our position in the Mobile Phone Accessories industry. The representation by Vladig and his organisation will result in greater efficiencies and and significantly increase our market share.

We only want to provide our customers with the highest quality products and we believe that Vladig, who is one of our many partners, is able to promote that in the best way possible. 

Our customers should receive the same high quality, which they have come to expect. If they aren't happy, we aren't happy!

Welcome aboard Vladig and applewatchwall!

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